Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

More than anything else, we all want the best for our dogs. If you are looking forward to spending the next couple of years of your life with your best friend, then you should make sure that you keep him healthy and happy, free from diseases and viruses that could shorten his lifespan. Here are the top tips that you should always keep in mind to have a healthy and active pet dog:


Make sure that your dog is not dehydrated

Dehydration is most common for dogs, so therefore you should provide enough water to keep him from panting now and then and having a dry mouth. Aside from that, you may notice that your dog is slowly losing his skin elasticity. Therefore, you should consider mixing Pedialyte into his water because it works in replacing the lost electrolytes in your dog. It is ideal for puppies, as it can fill the dog’s body’s need for sodium and potassium.


Choose the appropriate diet for him

Make sure that you are providing him with the right diet that he needs to ensure that your dog will be able to maintain a thick and healthy coat, bright eyes, and healthy skin as well. You can visit your local veterinarian and ask for a high quality dog food that you can have for your dog to make sure that he has a strong immune system in fighting potential diseases and viruses.


Keep your dog fit

One of the common misconceptions is that pet owners tend to feed their dog too much food because looking at their thin dog makes them think that it’s sick or fragile. Obesity can also shorten the lifespan of your dog. Therefore you should make sure that your dog maintains a healthy weight to decrease the risk of your dog in having diabetes and other chronic diseases.


Visit your veterinarian regularly

Make sure that your veterinarian gets to check your dog now and then, not only when it’s sick. Just because your dog has been vaccinated, you shouldn’t neglect to take him to a veterinary clinic anymore. A veterinarian can cover all health issues regarding your dog, and he can also determine or diagnose possible problems with your dog that can worsen overtime.


Make sure that your dog’s mouth is clean

Dental health of the dog is commonly neglected. Make sure that his mouth is always clean because it can cause him severe pain without you even noticing it. Aside from that, it can also increase the risk of your dog having kidney and chronological diseases. Therefore, you should take your dog for a regular dental check-up and always make it a habit to brush the teeth of your dog at home. Most of the dogs do not like getting their teeth brushed so you should consider giving him dental diets or toys instead just to keep his mouth clean and healthy.


Make sure that your pet is under supervision

As much as possible, do not let your pet roam around outside of your house without you because he could get into an accident, or catch diseases brought by other four-legged animals especially if your dog is too young to be going out by his own. Dogs like roaming around. If you want to do him a favour then you should accompany him whenever you take him for a walk outside so that you can assure the safety of your dog. Walking is also good exercise for him so make sure that you take him around your neighbourhood every once in a while.